So What’s wrong with the Green Bay Packers? You have cheeseheads everywhere hitting the panic button because the Browns beat the Packers 35-10 last week in exhibition play. Fair weather fans are worrying that the loss signals that Green Bay is becoming unglued and on its way down.  Questions arise such as; Is the defense still as bad as last year? What’s wrong with the offense? And the whining goes on and on and on. OK so here is my take. Aaron Rodgers on his first possession overthrows a wide open Jordy Nelson in the red zone. Next play is a run. Third play is a throw back to Nelson, nice catch , TD , cue music,  Packers on top. After several more plays, Rodgers sits, Harrell has a tough night, offense never shows up, Browns subs beat Packers subs, and that’s the game. Meanwhile, a boatload of Packers sat out of the game due to injury, they signed but didn’t play a 1,000 yard rusher whose only issue is off field behavior, and they are still trying to figure out where and who to play from their talented defensive draft picks. Besides they always lose to the Browns in exhibition. But let’s be real. They have the best receiver group of any team in the NFL, they have an MVP QB, a great kicker, and a defense which, even if its not better than last year, is not going to prevent them from making and going deep into the playoffs.

So chill out Cheeseheads. Its only August. “Pre-season, you talking to me about Pre-season?” Stay tuned.

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