Miami Heat – Where do they go from here?

The  2011/2012 NBA world champions “Miami Heat” have not been to worried about offseason tasks. This high caliber team has been all over the television and media. Miami’s all star forward number 6, Lebron James overcame the tough loss in Miami vs the Dallas mavericks in the previous playoffs, and became the most dominant player in the NBA.  Changes he made last offseason were mostly in his maturity. Over the tough off season last year he learned to never celebrate early and not to get into any contact with other players. All Star Dwyane Wade is actually the fan favorite and has made a big impact as being the Heat’s co caption. It’s not only his incredible ability to get to the basket but his pre game motivation talks bring the whole organization focus, momentum,  and motivation prior to each game. Chris Bosh has made a big improvement on his jumps shot and getting to the hoop, and making free throws. Role players Mario Chalmers, Shane Battier, and Udonis Haslem all play with courage and throw everything they have into the game. They are a big reason along with a suffocating half court defense , that the Heat won the championship.  The offseason has been a busy time for the Heat. Lebron continued his MVP play in the Olympics. Wade was operated on and is rehabbing his injuries, as was Chris Bosh. Center Ronny Turiaf did not resign with the Heat he is now with the LA Clippers. But the real news of the offseason was the Heat Acquiring Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis.  These additions not only bring in quality role  players for the Heat, but the Celtica are worse now than last year because of Allen’s departure. All in all, the Heat are much improved and should be in the finals once again in the upcoming season.

The Moves the Nets have done this Off-Season.

All Brooklyn Nets fans are ecstatic for the start of the new season in their new city. Why? First, The team has a great owner, Milkhail Prokhoriv, a russian billionaire who is worth $13.2 Billion USD, who wants to spend money to get a winner. Second, The Nets have re-signed Deron Williams to a 5 year, $98 million dollar contract. Deron Williams was thinking of going to another team like the Dallas Mavericks but he chose to stick around with the Nets after he was traded there last season from the Utah Jazz. Kris Humphries also re-signed to a 2 year $24 million dollar contract, and Gerald Wallace also re-signed to a 4 year $40 million dollar contract. He was traded to Brooklyn hours  before the trading deadline last season.  Third, the Nets just built a 675,000 square foot, $1 billion dollar arena and the fans are going to love it.  The Brooklyn Nets have also signed C.J. Watson, Jerry Stackhouse, Mirza Teletovic, the Euroleague’s leading scorer and Reggie Evans and therefore The Brooklyn Nets have become a much better team this off-season. Ok, the acquisition of Joe Johnson from the Atlanta Hawks, I don’t think, was the smartest move for the Nets because Joe Johnson is going to get paid more than he is worth for the next four seasons. They also gave too much for him, they gave five players, one first round draft pick, and one second round pick., but in the long run, the Nets are a dangerous team.

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