My Second half predictions for the MLB

  1. The Dodgers will struggle in August, but will heat up in september and win the NL West.
  2. Than Angles will win the AL West over a struggling Texas team.
  3. But Texas will be the first wildcard.
  4. The Tigers will win the AL central over the White Sox…
  5. But the  White Sox will be the second wildcard.
  6. The Yankees will cruise to a division title.
  7. The Nationals will acquire a pitcher…..
  8. And will NOT shutdown Strausburg…
  9. But will his skip starts, and…
  10. The Nats will win the NL East.
  11. The Pirates will win the NL Central over the Reds….
  12. But the Reds will be the first wildcard.
  13. The Braves will be the second wildcard after finishing the season strong.
  14. Playoffs:
  15. The Reds will beat the Braves in the wildcard game.
  16. The Nats will beat the Bucs in the NLDS
  17. The Dodgers will beat the Reds in the NLDS
  18. The Nats and Dodgers will be a great series….
  19. and the Nats win the pennant in 6 games.
  20. The Rangers will beat the White Sox in the Wildcard game.
  21. The Angles will beat the Tigers in the ALDS.
  22. The Yankees will beat the Rangers in the ALDS.
  23. The Yankees will beat the Angles in the ALCS…..
  24. And will face the Nationals in the World Series….
  25. And the Yankees will beat the Nationals in 5 games to win thier 28th title.
  26. AL Cy Young: David Price
  27. NL Cy Young: Gio Gonzalez 
  28. AL Rookie of the Year: Mike Trout
  29. NL Rookie of the Year: Bryce Harper
  30. AL MVP: Mike Trout
  31. NL MVP: Andrew McCutchen 

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