Chris Kreider, Young with Class



via Julie Robenhymer

She writes, “Close to an hour and a half after the game had ended, Kreider had signed every autograph and taken every picture asked of him. Still in his gear and with a fresh sheet of ice, he asked the rink manager, Ken, if it was ok if he went out and skated a bit more. The game was only two 15 minute periods and since he hadn’t skated since the Rangers lost to the Devils in the Eastern Conference Finals, he hadn’t quite scratched that itch.

After watching Kreider sign all those autographs, the rink manager just smiled and said, “For a class act like you, I will gladly do the ice again in the morning. Would you like a net too?” Beaming like one of the little boys who had just gotten his autograph, Kreider said, “Yes, please” and went to the locker room to get his stick and gloves. One of the high school volunteers ran to get a rental pair of skates while others grabbed a stick to join him on the ice. Thirty minutes later, Kreider finally hit the showers. “

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