NBA Game of the Night: Thunder vs Clippers

By Eytan N


The Oklahoma city Thunder who have dropped 4 of the 10 games they have played have been struggling lately on who must take a majority of the shots. Last night OKC playing a tough clippers team struggled again, remember okc was blowing out all these teams before but now teams like the Miami Heat the Dallas Mavericks and the clippers have found a way to stop them, they have been double teaming KD or just not letting him shoot as much as he would like to. Last night losing to the clippers Kevin Durant had 22 points. Not so bad you would think, but for a player with the skill KD has, he is usually scoring in the high 20’s or the 30’s. A tough battle last night coming with a loss Chris Paul had 31 points along with Blake Griffin having a double double at 16 points and 12 rebounds. The Clippers had an impressive game only allowing the high scoring thunder to score 98 points. Even though The thunder were leading most of the game the Clippers still found a way to come back and take the win after KD hit a game tying 3 pointer with 32 seconds left it was 98-98. Chris paul hit a game winning Layup with 8.8 seconds left to take the game, and go back to LA with a W!

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